Forthcoming Articles

Forthcoming Articles

Explore ORE of Economics and Finance articles in progress, organized by subfield (note that articles may appear under more than one category). Projected publication dates are provided for articles in production. When available, linked titles will take you to an advance summary of the article.

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Econometrics, Experimental and Quantitative Methods

Long Memory Models (Peter Robinson), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2018
Nonlinear Models in Macroeconometrics (Timo Teräsvirta), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2018
The Co-integrated VAR Methodology (Katarina Juselius), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2018

Health, Education, and Welfare

The Evolution of Mental Health Policy and Economics (Sherry Glied, Richard Frank), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2017
Ageing and Healthcare Costs (Martin Karlsson, Tor Iversen, Henning Øien), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2018
Economic Evaluation of Medical Devices (Michael Drummond, Rosanna Tarricone, Aleksandra Torbica), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2018
Health Status Measurement (John Mullahy), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2018

Labor and Demographic Economics

The Employment Effects of Minimum Wages: Some Questions We Need to Answer (David Neumark), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2018